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A small message from Kokeeto!

January 28, 2011

Hey, yeah its Kokeeto. I miss you all, and I am really surprised that some people still view CazmosGang! That’s awesome, you guys rock! It seems that alot have stopped playing Cazmo, and we all know the reason after that….

 Anyways, I knew alot of you play Pandanda now, and if you want a good walkthrough around Pandanda, you can visit ! And yeah, it is Kokeeto’s and his friend (Codoyote)’s blog!

Oh and for all who are missing Romani and wondering about him, he is always on Twitter, if you want to stay with him in touch!!

Hope to see you around on Pandanda or twitter!

With Love, Kokeeto 🙂


Yes, we’ve done it.

November 5, 2009

Alot of you have been wondering why me and Romani have quit. We have quit because of PlanetCazmo itself. Ive sent Planet Cazmo a message asking why I(kokeeto) am banned from sending referals. They sent me a message saying its back for me, but what they also said is that I used to scam for cc. I answered politely for my right. And then an email replying happened between me and them. Message by message(no need to post them), I was to them a liar, scammer, tricker, and told me I might be loosing my ambssador status. They think Im crazy enough to scam them and they have made me an ambassador.  Then Ive asked them to remove me from PCAP. They then asked that by this I want to get banned, and I said yes. Ive tweeted all what they said on Twitter and alot of other cazmos talked about Planet Cazmo on Twitter(and Ive told them that what they have said is tweeted)and then they told an ammbassador to tell me and BetaOmer that we might get a chance(which we didnt accept), and they asked him if we can keep what they said private. And if you want to know why Romani has quit? Its because he felt sad that PlanetCazmo have said that to his freinds(me and BetaOmer) . We both think that we have done alot to Cazmo and didnt get appreciated. We cant deny Cazmo have done nice things, but everything has a scale.

Im not saying that to let you leave PlanetCazno or to have a bad thought of PlanetCazmo. But Ive said that to tell you guys that we havent quit out of nothing. Hope you all fun on Planet Cazmo.

And Kokeeto and Romani havent dissapeared, but we are gonna stay on Twitter and MSN. Here;s our links:

MSN: Kokeeto: Romani:

Kokeeto’s xat:

Twitter: Kokeeto: Romani:

Also weve done some new sites for graphics; Kokeeto’s site:  Romani’s site:

Thanks and Hope you have fun in youre lifes. Im sorry all Cazmosgang Viewers. You have been the best ever. And for the Cazmos that have quit because of us, please come back. We dont want to cause any trouble to PlanetCazmo.

~Kokeeto and Romani


Cazmosgang Weekly Deals

October 29, 2009


Cazmosgang Deals Sign

Hey Cazmonauts. Today is Thursday and Thursday

represents the Cazmosgang Weekly Deals.

Hope you like them and comment saying what you think!

Happy Halloween!

Cazmosgang Styles5

~Cazmosgang Official Owners, Kokeeto & Romani1996!


October 23, 2009


Here is the weekly Newsletter from Planet Cazmo, to see the updates, see the post under this!

Have fun Partying!



Visit the Caz-rena this Friday and Saturday (Oct 23-24) and watch Metro Station perform!


  • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd – 7-12 PM ET
  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24th – 12 noon – 12 midnight ET
  • Concert begins every hour, on the hour


Visit Planet Cazmo and get your FREE CLOWN costume! Check out Hot Deals in the newspaper!


Don’t go anywhere – MAJOR concerts are coming to Cazmo EVERY WEEKEND this fall!!!!” Here are just a few of them to wet your musical appetite!:

  • Weezer – BIG HALLOWEEN SHOW!!!
  • Mario

….and many more!!


As Always, Spread the World!

Thanks for your support!
Planet Cazmo



Weekly Updates!

October 23, 2009

Cazmo got awesome new updates! Firstly, two new costumes and a new mask.

One of the masks are for free, to get it go to the newspaper, 

then to the hot Deals and press on the Free costume and get it.

 Be sure to get it this week because it temporalily ONLY for this week.

free costume

new costumes

And guess what? Lloyd is back! And you should search for him to get the new Lloyd costume, a green one!

lloyd costume3

The Theater is decorated! To see it, go to the downtown!

new theater


The Cazmo Vip Backstage is decorated with a new bath tub

 and the Metro Station are here! Also, theres a new place

 in youre Caz Book to see ur VIP passes!

new VIP

Kokeeto Signutare2

Cazmosgang Button


Cazmosgang Weekly Deals!

October 22, 2009

As today is thursday and every Thursday the Cazmosgang add the weekly deals with a special taste of Fashion.

Also, Cazmosgang has a new feature now, its is called the CazmosGang Emailing Program.

It started this week and some Cazmos have already got it regarding to the Header Store. A lot more is gonna happen the next week, all what you have to do is telling us what you think! 😉

Cazmosgang Styles4



Spooky Halloween Updates!

October 16, 2009
Hello Spooky Cazmos! Hows your Spooky day today? Spooky isnt it? lol
So Here are the awesome updates for this spooky friday
Spooky New Costumes:
New halloween costumes
New Halloween Hat
halloween hat
New Games
New Halloween Games
Th gift that was last year is Back at the bodyshop!
Halloween Gift
New Action, Throwing a pumpkin!
Halloween Gift
And heres the new quest guide: (you get 200 coinz)
halloween quest
And heres the new badges:
new awards
~Cazmosgang Spooker, Romani & Kokeeto!