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A small message from Kokeeto!

January 28, 2011

Hey, yeah its Kokeeto. I miss you all, and I am really surprised that some people still view CazmosGang! That’s awesome, you guys rock! It seems that alot have stopped playing Cazmo, and we all know the reason after that….

 Anyways, I knew alot of you play Pandanda now, and if you want a good walkthrough around Pandanda, you can visit ! And yeah, it is Kokeeto’s and his friend (Codoyote)’s blog!

Oh and for all who are missing Romani and wondering about him, he is always on Twitter, if you want to stay with him in touch!!

Hope to see you around on Pandanda or twitter!

With Love, Kokeeto 🙂

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  1. closeyrufc permalink
    February 5, 2011 11:07 pm

    Just looking at your blog, Its my Faveourite blog ever. You were my Faveourite cazmo. I really Miss you. Maybe you could visit a few times? I really hate the way cazmo has gone down too, But we all have to keep moving on in life. Yeah cazmo isn’t really everybody’s faveourite at the moment. but every game takes that wrong turn. Like cp took disney. Roblox took Disney and Updates. PC took Some jokes the wrong way. Pandanda will surely make a Wrong turn like other games have. Every game has a wrong turn. Alot may have left cazmo, But theres still around the ammount there was Active/Playing. Even though most of them are Daters, They will learn. like we all learn. Take Justinthebeast or Carzaking for example. They were just the Non important people but now take a look at them and about 1year and a half later, They are some of PC’s Loyal Players. Man i love this blog. I hope maybe you can think about Turning around and Playing Cazmo sometimes. Please Visit. That would mean the world to us. You still have PCAP, So you can Help get bad Cazmo’s Banned and the world to grow.
    With special Care and Love on Behalf of the CazmoExperts @
    -RareRufc (Closeyrufc, Count Closeyrufc, Epic Sparkles, Lil sizzle123, Daisy62 and CazmoRocker123.)

  2. March 7, 2011 9:45 am

    Hey man, could I carry on this blog?
    My site is


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